Developing New Cancer Diagnostics, Giving Novel Insights to Cancer Metastasis

A Novel Approach To Improving Cancer Care

New in-vitro diagnostics are needed to monitor and predict cancer metastasis. This would help stratify patients for optimal treatment and follow-up care.

We are developing cancer diagnostics that will give clinicians the power to detect and predict metastasis with high specificity and sensitivity. With these tests we will redefine the cancer care pathway.

Winner of AHSN Accelerator 2020

We were awarded £210K in non-diluting seed funding and are looking for investors and partners to join us on this exciting journey to change lives and improve healthcare.

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The MetaGuideX Team

Dr Ryan Pink



Board member on multiple Oxford healthcare organisations

Biotech consultant for companies like ThermoFisher and Bioline

Clinical researcher €6m Siemens cancer diagnosis tech

Dr Mark Beggs


Experience with Pfizer, Janssen, AstraZeneca and GSK  

CEO, UK Biocentre: quadrupled revenue to >£4m pa

Chief Executive, Stratified Medicine Scotland

Prof Dave Carter


Present UK EV society President

Raised >£1.3m in academic and commercial  funds

Lead inventor on the patents underpinning MetaGuideX

Emanuela Carollo

R&D lead

Entrepreneurial lead on Innovate UK application

Led MetaGuideX’s  int. market research

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MetaGuideX Ltd – Company number 12549905