Developing New Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Giving Novel Insights to Early Cancer Diagnosis


Breast cancer affects > 2 million patients every year, globally. The management of this disease is inadequate.

In particular, we need better ways to:

Detect whether metastasis (deadly spread of cancer to other parts of the body) has occurred
Predict whether metastasis will occur in future
Assess whether therapy is working well
Detect the return of the tumour more quickly

Through our research into breast cancer metastasis we have discovered a protein present only in metastatic tumours.

This innovative biological marker could be used to tell doctors about the metastatic status of a tumour.

We have turned this discovery into a diagnostic test, which we call MetaGuideX. This test can be performed on the tumour itself, or on fragments of the cancer cells released into the bloodstream. The test meets an unmet clinical need, and can be used at the point of diagnosis, during treatment (to see if the therapy is effective) and during remission (to see if the tumour has returned).

We have been awarded £210K in non-dilutive funding from Innovate UK to establish a spinout company in Oxford. We are now seeking private investment to drive this technology into a successful product.