Developing New Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Giving Novel Insights to Early Cancer Diagnosis

A Novel Approach To Improving Cancer Care

New approaches to in-vitro diagnostics are needed to early diagnosis and monitor cancer progression. We are developing cost effective early cancer diagnostics and monitoring tools that will give clinicians the power to detect cancer in primary care with high specificity and sensitivity.

Early first time clinical testing shows a sensitivity using three novel biomarkers for stage 1&2 detection to be 92% breast cancer, 83% colon cancer and 78% lung cancer covering a third of all cancer types with a single cost-effective test.

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New therapeutics for blocking metastatic cancer are important in both early prevention while therapeutic decisions are being made and expanding patient survival. We are working on a new set of blocking molecules that inhibit the ability for the cancer cells to bind and enter the circulation. The diagnostic offers a novel companion diagnostic for this exciting treatment.

Due to multiple biomarkers now used in the technology we also have the capability to enrich current liquid biopsy genomic and epigenetic tests, to be announced in 2023.

With these tests we will redefine the cancer care pathway.

Using non-diluting funds we are entering clinical testing and will be looking for investment later 2023 Q1

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MetaGuideX Management

Dr David Browning


OBN chair and CEO

CEO Fixed Phage

CEO Oxford Cancer Biomarkers

Amersham International J&J, Philips, NHS.

Dr Ryan Pink



Board member on multiple Oxford healthcare organisations

Biotech consultant for companies like ThermoFisher and Bioline

Clinical researcher €6m Siemens cancer diagnosis tech

Dr Mark Beggs

Advising COO

Experience with Pfizer, Janssen, AstraZeneca and GSK  

CEO, UK Biocentre: quadrupled revenue to >£4m pa

Chief Executive, Stratified Medicine Scotland

Advisory team

Prof Susan Brooks, Co-Founder/inventor – Glycoprotein expert and clinical study experience

Prof Dave Carter, Co-Founder/inventor – Exosome expert, ex-UK Exosome Society President, Research dir. Evox Therapeutics

 Prof Nigel Groome, SABDecades of assay and antibody development. Patented prenatal testing assays totalling a billion tests internationally

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